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How do I protect my investment in bespoke software?

It's not about money only. When we create something, we would like it not to go down the sink too quickly. Sure nothing lasts forever, but if what we create shows to be useful for as long as it can, all the better. How to do this when technologies crop up as quickly as mushrooms [...]

How do I create my application?

What if you ask for my help? I created applications for: IBM, Intel Corporation, the Olympus satellite project, major telecommunication and energy companies, industrial plants, Virtual ISPs, banks and credit card companies. Sure, keep in mind that the age of the requirements sculpted in stone has long gone. Even before the agile manifesto I was [...]

How do I make my application easy to manage in production?

When you are in production, you don’t have much time to fix bugs. If you are slow, you lose money and people remember that your website didn’t work and don’t come back. You don’t have time to understand cryptic error messages or to guess what to do to fix them. You don’t have time to […]

How do I make my application easy to troubleshoot?

This was my graduation thesis. I created a laser sensor which allowed a robot to determine the position of an object more accurately and avoid dropping it. It was based on the same technology used to make laser light shows. The program architecture was based on components. This component architecture was what today is called […]

How do I make my application fast?

When I was at the University, I wrote a programme to analyse data collected by a radar. My programme was quite slow. It needed 30 hours to generate just one view of the data. 30 hours of processing time of an IBM mainframe are expensive, very expensive. Happily I could rewrite the programme making it […]

How do I make my application secure?

I have worked for many years in a bank. There were 300+ servers providing internet services. Security was a top priority as you can imagine. Every incoming or outgoing communication was carefully inspected and needed authorization. A day the Shark begun to send distress signals. The Shark has nothing to do with the fish. It’s […]

The tools I use

Success stories

Intel Corporation and its thousands of servers

I worked in the IBM Rome Software Laboratory on a project for the Intel Corporation. My goal was to migrate an SNMP server from OS/2 to Windows. The server application was intended to run on thousands of servers gathering information in real time about applications’ performance. The software was part of the Tivoli Suite. I […]

A laser eye for robots

This was my thesis. I created a laser sensor which allowed a robot to determine the position of an object more accurately and avoid dropping it. It was based on the same technology used to make laser light shows. The program architecture was based on components and it was ahead of its time.

Making Earth-satellite communications better

This was a project by the CNR, the Italian National Research Council. It was part of a bigger project, the realization of the Olympus communications satellite. The problem is: when it rains, communications are disturbed, so we use a backup antenna to communicate when the main one can’t communicate because of the rain. What distance […]

PLC programming

Imagine having a big Meccano set with thousands of moving parts which you control using a computer. I have played with Meccano toys. They are fun. They have been around for more than a century. I am pleased to live, now, in the homeland of Meccano toys. When I was doing PLC programming, my Meccano […]


Streaming classical music! I love classical music! As of this writing, the website,, is still work in progress. Powerful Aida, moving Nabucco, funny Barber of Seville, romantic La Traviata, it’s all there just a click away. Sure, it’s way better to go to the Royal Opera House to see La Traviata, but not all […]

My own database application

Now we have MySql, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. But at that time there were only very slow database applications. So, I wrote my own, binary index and all. It was as fast as lightening and it had to be because the software using it had to send real-time orders to a production […]

My degree in Electronic Engineering

The Milan Polytechnic is a prestigious institution. People come from the U.S. to study there. I graduated there with the best grade and a special mention. It was a challenge. There are students who study there who fail an exam 10-20 times before passing it, and they aren’t stupid. I specialized in Automatics: how to […]

IBM for Government

This was an IBM project. With the help of eight developers, suppliers and consultants I created a state-of-the-art system to support the workflow leading to the treatment of appeals against fines. Millions of documents were going to be scanned and put in digital form. It was a race against time. There was a penalty of […]

Google Maps? Sort of

Telecom companies need GISs, Geographical Information Systems. These are programs that help you draw a map of telecommunication networks. They don’t need just one copy of these programs. They need thousands of copies and, to decide which supplier they will buy from, they run a competition. I had three months to build a prototype to […]

Finding your way in the railway network

When you use ticket machines to buy a train ticket, they will find the shortest route for you. This is done thanks to a very complicated program which computes the shortest path between two points. In my case, I was working for the Italian national railways company. The program doing the above calculations used bit […]


IBM – Intel Corporation

Hereby Massimo Zannori of IBM Semea S.p.A. certifies the participation of Emanuele Maria Santanchè, as Software Developer, in the project ‘Performance Monitoring’ realised by IBM Semea S.p.A. for the client Intel Corporation. Architecture and functionalities of the information system ‘Performance Monitoring’ The system is composed of a three-level network of computers.   At the top [...]

IBM for Government (Prefecture)

Hereby Mario Notturno of IBM Semea S.p.A. certifies the participation of Emanuele Maria Santanchè, as Software Development Project Manager, in the project ‘Milan Efficiency’ commissioned by the client ‘Milan Prefecture’ (in Italy Prefectures are similar to UK counties). Projects goals The project’s goal was to digitize the complex administrative procedure aiming to evaluate appeals against [...]


At the request of person concerned and for the purposes permitted by the law, it is hereby certified that Mr. Emanuele Santanché, born in Ascoli Piceno on June 14 1966 and residing, as of the present letter, in Monterondo (Rome), via dei Garibaldini 41, has been employee of this company from January 1, 2001 to [...]

Talking about my experiences

Installing Drupal 8 alongside React

What do I want to achieve? I want to install Drupal 8 alongside my existing installation of React Application Server. What is Drupal 8 for? Drupal 8 will work as backend for my React application. What is my React application about? It’s about demonstrating the use of React to fetch information about products from a […]

Serving static files in React

Some context I’m building a React application. You can see the code in this Github repository: Rankit Github repository. The live application is here: Rankit Application. To create the environment from scratch I used the tool Create React App. It’s easier and you don’t have to tamper with configuration files to make it work. It […]

Installing React Application

The goal I’m installing React and many other modules needed for my application. The application will preform drag and drop operations and animations. It will use Material Design. What is the application about? It’s about displaying a list of products or other objects. Using drag and drop the user will be able to rank the […]

WYSIWYG editor for Mediawiki

What Mediawiki is and what it is for Mediawiki is the engine that powers Wikipedia. It’s a wiki and it’s used to create collaborative websites where people can share knowledge and keep all sorts of information. They make it possible for people to work on the same document. Personally I keep most of my information […]

Use your smart-phone as webcam and keep enjoying enhanced security as well

What I want to do I don’t want to buy a webcam for my computer. I have a smart-phone with both front and rear cameras. Can’t I use it as webcam? Are you interested in Enhanced Security? Maybe you are not interested in using your smart-phone as webcam. But you may be interested in Enhanced […]

Installing Open Project on Debian 8 server

I’m going to install Open Project on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). What is Open Project? Open Project is an open source application you can use to manage projects. It’s used for software projects. It supports Agile methodology, bug tracking and time tracking. I’ll use it to manage projects meant to build applications for my […]

Impossible to login to WordPress website

The problem was that it was not possible to login to a WordPress website, to the admin dashboard I mean. I tried many things: used scripts to reset the password. They actually change the pwd in the wp_user table. See below an example of update command used to change pwd. deleted cache plugins after having […]

Configuring postfix to relay email through Zoho Mail

This has taken me quite some time to figure out. First of all you need the Zoho email address you want to use when relaying emails through Zoho. It has to be one of the email addresses you configured by using Zoho control panel. In my case I created one to use only to relay […]

Bounce processing, when SMTP server doesn’t return bounces properly

What bounce processing is When you send an email, it’s possible that it’s returned to you because of technical problems or mistakes made when writing the email. One of these mistakes may be that the recipient’s email address is wrong. CRM sending mass emails Many CRMs, Customer Relationship Management system, have the capability of sending […]

Php frameworks, how to choose

Php frameworks are tools that it’s common to find in a developer’s studio. Artists make use of tools to forge their artistic creations. Php developers are artists creating php software and php frameworks are some of their tools. Does a php developer need php frameworks in the same way as a painter needs pigments? Not […]

PHP IDE, comprehensive facilities for PHP programmers

A PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a program which integrates many functionalities which help developers create quality code more quickly. I have reviewed many PHP Editors and explained why they are indispensable tools when creating PHP code. PHP Editors offer auto completion, syntax highlighting and symbol browsing. Some of them offer wizards that help with writing […]

Php editor, an indispensable tool

A php editor is a must-have tool for a php developer. Even if you are a beginner you need something more than a standard text editor when you write your php scripts. A basic php editor offers many functionalities that help greatly and eliminate many distractions that make your creative efforts more difficult. Let’s look […]

How I work with you

Making business human

Making your business human More and more people want a human business. Their priority is not money and success because they realise that lack of humanity will spoil the enjoyment of them. Sure you want to build a successful business and want to make nice money out of it, but you want to enjoy money […]

I fix your problem or you pay nothing

Have you got a nasty problem with your website or application? Let me have a look. It may be a problem I can fix in 3-5 working days. If it is, I’ll work on your problem for maximum 3, 4 o 5 working days. I’ll tell you in advance how many days I’ll work. If […]

30 days money back guarantee

Will we end up paying for useless software? Will we like it? This guy wants to be paid in advance! What if we waste money with him? Will we be able to work with him? What if we can’t understand each other? What if we discover that we wanted something completely different? Anything familiar? I […]

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