Php frameworks are tools that it’s common to find in a developer’s studio. Artists make use of tools to forge their artistic creations. Php developers are artists creating php software and php frameworks are some of their tools. Does a php developer need php frameworks in the same way as […]

Php frameworks, how to choose

If you want a free email address, you can find a lot of them on the web. Many of these websites offering free email don’t actually do the job. There is another company behind the scenes doing it for them. They just put their name on the package. I worked […]

Virtual Internet Service Provider

When you buy hosting for your website, a server in a datacentre will run your website. I worked in such a datacentre for many years. There were 300 servers and a lot of other hardware. We needed to write a lot of software to monitor these servers and to manage […]

A datacentre with hundreds of servers