What do I want to achieve? I want to install Drupal 8 alongside my existing installation of React Application Server. What is Drupal 8 for? Drupal 8 will work as backend for my React application. What is my React application about? It’s about demonstrating the use of React to fetch […]

Installing Drupal 8 alongside React

Some context I’m building a React application. You can see the code in this Github repository: Rankit Github repository. The live application is here: Rankit Application. To create the environment from scratch I used the tool Create React App. It’s easier and you don’t have to tamper with configuration files […]

Serving static files in React

The goal I’m installing React and many other modules needed for my application. The application will preform drag and drop operations and animations. It will use Material Design. What is the application about? It’s about displaying a list of products or other objects. Using drag and drop the user will […]

Installing React Application

What Mediawiki is and what it is for Mediawiki is the engine that powers Wikipedia. It’s a wiki and it’s used to create collaborative websites where people can share knowledge and keep all sorts of information. They make it possible for people to work on the same document. Personally I […]

WYSIWYG editor for Mediawiki

I’m going to install Open Project on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). What is Open Project? Open Project is an open source application you can use to manage projects. It’s used for software projects. It supports Agile methodology, bug tracking and time tracking. I’ll use it to manage projects meant […]

Installing Open Project on Debian 8 server

The problem was that it was not possible to login to a WordPress website, to the admin dashboard I mean. I tried many things: used scripts to reset the password. They actually change the pwd in the wp_user table. See below an example of update command used to change pwd. […]

Impossible to login to WordPress website

Php frameworks are tools that it’s common to find in a developer’s studio. Artists make use of tools to forge their artistic creations. Php developers are artists creating php software and php frameworks are some of their tools. Does a php developer need php frameworks in the same way as […]

Php frameworks, how to choose