How I work

I have worked for many years in a bank. There were 300+ servers providing internet services. Security was a top priority as you can imagine. Every incoming or outgoing communication was carefully inspected and needed authorization. A day the Shark begun to send distress signals. The Shark has nothing to […]

How do I make my application secure?

When I was at the University, I wrote a programme to analyse data collected by a radar. My programme was quite slow. It needed 30 hours to generate just one view of the data. 30 hours of processing time of an IBM mainframe are expensive, very expensive. Happily I could […]

How do I make my application fast?

This was my graduation thesis. I created a laser sensor which allowed a robot to determine the position of an object more accurately and avoid dropping it. It was based on the same technology used to make laser light shows. The program architecture was based on components. This component architecture […]

How do I make my application easy to troubleshoot?