Success stories

If you want a free email address, you can find a lot of them on the web. Many of these websites offering free email don’t actually do the job. There is another company behind the scenes doing it for them. They just put their name on the package. I worked […]

Virtual Internet Service Provider

When you buy hosting for your website, a server in a datacentre will run your website. I worked in such a datacentre for many years. There were 300 servers and a lot of other hardware. We needed to write a lot of software to monitor these servers and to manage […]

A datacentre with hundreds of servers

Yes, the major Italian telecommunications company stores information about every call made. There are more than one billion of them per month. To treat this enormous quantity of data you need a mainframe and not a small one. It was an S/390 and used terabytes of storage. When a program […]

Billions of phone calls a month

When you use ticket machines to buy a train ticket, they will find the shortest route for you. This is done thanks to a very complicated program which computes the shortest path between two points. In my case, I was working for the Italian national railways company. The program doing […]

Finding your way in the railway network

Telecom companies need GISs, Geographical Information Systems. These are programs that help you draw a map of telecommunication networks. They don’t need just one copy of these programs. They need thousands of copies and, to decide which supplier they will buy from, they run a competition. I had three months […]

Google Maps? Sort of

This was an IBM project. With the help of eight developers, suppliers and consultants I created a state-of-the-art system to support the workflow leading to the treatment of appeals against fines. Millions of documents were going to be scanned and put in digital form. It was a race against time. […]

IBM for Government

The Milan Polytechnic is a prestigious institution. People come from the U.S. to study there. I graduated there with the best grade and a special mention. It was a challenge. There are students who study there who fail an exam 10-20 times before passing it, and they aren’t stupid. I […]

My degree in Electronic Engineering

Now we have MySql, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. But at that time there were only very slow database applications. So, I wrote my own, binary index and all. It was as fast as lightening and it had to be because the software using it had to send […]

My own database application

Streaming classical music! I love classical music! As of this writing, the website,, is still work in progress. Powerful Aida, moving Nabucco, funny Barber of Seville, romantic La Traviata, it’s all there just a click away. Sure, it’s way better to go to the Royal Opera House to see […]


Imagine having a big Meccano set with thousands of moving parts which you control using a computer. I have played with Meccano toys. They are fun. They have been around for more than a century. I am pleased to live, now, in the homeland of Meccano toys. When I was […]

PLC programming