How do I create my application?

What if you ask for my help? I created applications for: IBM, Intel Corporation, the Olympus satellite project, major telecommunication and energy companies, industrial plants, Virtual ISPs, banks and credit card companies.

Sure, keep in mind that the age of the requirements sculpted in stone has long gone.

Even before the agile manifesto I was changing, re-writing or even ignoring analysis documents written by world-renowned consulting firms.

Now you write a page of requirements and create a working prototype. That prototype will inspire you to make changes or add functions that you couldn’t even think of when you were writing the requirements.

Get inspired by Getting Real for your next application. There you find a modern way of making software.

Software creation is problem solving. When you solve a problem you end up with a sequence of steps to be followed to solve the problem. The programming language you use doesn’t matter. What matters is something that matters every time you want to solve a problem. The sequence of steps has to be very clear and easy to understand.

If I want to solve the problem of going to Paris, I may say:

    1. go to the St. Pancreas railway station
    2. take the train

You may say that something is missing, I need a ticket.

And I reply that this is implied in the step no. 1. You will say that this can’t be. Step no. 1 is only about going to the railway station. The purchase of a ticket can’t be implied. You are right. Step no. 1 can’t include something that is not explicitly declared otherwise it’s a mess.

The problem solving sequence gets confusing and improvements and troubleshooting gets hard to do. Unfortunately this scenario happens very often when writing software.