How I work
How I work


I love to make things work. I love to write code that makes things work. I love to use C++ or any other tech to do this.

This started when I was a teenager. Many marriages don't last for so long.


Do you value experience? Do you think that a developer's productivity depends more on their experience more than the speed they produce code?


I can't help you with deadlines. I don't do overtime. See below for details. If your project requires me to work 12 hours a day, you know that you can't count on me.


I have a limited flexibility. If in a week I work, say, 48 hours, the next week I'll work 32 hours to compensate.

In any case, I don't work more than 48 hours in a week.


This is essential for a productive relationship.


Stress makes us slower. If there is a high level of stress, we want to deal with this problem first.


Distrust makes us slower as well. If we have problems of trust, we have to consider them as high priority and fix them.

If you are using applications that monitor my work for example taking regular screen shots of my monitor, we have a big trust problem to address.


I'm willing to get a low rate, one similar to a minimum wage, if you make it sure that you won't pressure me with unreasonable requests and impossible rhythm.

I see myself as a volunteer just covering my basic living expenses.

Employee or freelance?

Both are viable.


Of course, I will need my holidays as well.


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