About me

Emanuele Santanche

Hi there,

My name is Emanuele Santanché.

I am a C++ Software Developer.

I love making things work, especially C/C++ application.

I'm particularly fond of C++ because my best projects were in C++.

Some notable projects:

  • Three tiers servers architecture collecting data about application performances. Rewritten part of SNMP protocol.
  • I have built my own database in C++.
  • I have written a simulator of a laser sensor in C++

I have used many other technologies, you can see them here.

What about Agile?

I have a deep understanding of how software development works and can tell you about Agile.

You may want to start with having a look at my articles about Agile.

How did I get here?

I put my hands on a computer first time when I was a teen. I loved to make it work. It's when motivation is at its best. When I want to learn about motivation and how to improve it, I know that my teenage experience is my best teacher.

I have written my own database management system because I wasn't satisfied with the ones that were available at the time.

I have written code I couldn't test before I put it in production. It means I knew I had made a mistake only when the code was running and could cause important damage. To fix the code, I had 15 minutes only.

I have done everything: database administration, development, testing, project management, production monitoring and devops.

I have worked in Rome, Milan, Paris, Saclay (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique, The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), Camberley (UK) and London.

I have written software for Intel Corporation.

I have built an application that used patented technologies.

I live in France, near Paris. Thanks to modern technology, I work remotely with the USA, the UK, and everywhere. You can come to see me in Paris, I will be your tour guide.

P.S. You find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Let's have a chat, send me a message.

Photo credits: Saeed KarimiCDC, Jerry Wang, Fatos Bytyqi, Natalie Pedigo, Kate Townsend, Campaign Creators, on Unsplash

Emanuele Santanche