At the request of person concerned and for the purposes permitted by the law, it is hereby certified that Mr. Emanuele Santanché, born in Ascoli Piceno on June 14 1966 and residing, as of the present letter, in Monterondo (Rome), via dei Garibaldini 41, has been employee of this company from January 1, 2001 to February 28, 2009

Mr. Santanché, in the course of service gave for the Kyneste S.p.A. company has been assigned to the technology area, Infrastructure Organization Unit, DBA Activity, whose goal was to treat, according to company policies, the installation and the maintenance of RDBMS systems, the creation, the monitoring, the management and the back-up of the data bases in charge of the
Kyneste S.p.A. Company.

We hereby certify, at last, that Mr. Santanché has served in the context of the program Market Investment Bank, on behalf of ‘Banca di Roma’ (former ‘Gruppo Capitalia’, now ‘Unicredit Group’) on the Murex project during the period 2002-2008.

Giovanni Serra
Human Resources Responsible

Marco Tacchetti
Technology Area Responsible

Emanuele Santanche